We are an all-volunteer organization committed to the health and preservation of three Wilderness Areas, and to spreading wilderness ethics to all who visit. Won't you join us? Click here
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 BECOME A VOLUNTEER WILDERNESS RANGER! Applications are now being accepted. TRAINING is Saturday, June 8 in Silverthorne (MAP). You'll wear this patch - same as USFS personnel. Learn more  HERE. View the application form  HERE.


April 2019: In the April NEWSLETTER Wilderness Workshop Attorney Peter Hart describes the proposed Berlaimont development, and the serious and urgent threats it poses for wildlife.
March 2019: We are considering changing our name! Read the March eNewsletter to learn why. We get confused with other "Friends of..." non-profits (left), and we help look after more than just Eagles Nest (right). We received many comments - read them  HERE
February 14: The National Forest Foundation has awarded a grant to FENW for $16,000 to combat invasive weeds in the wilderness. Thanks to JIM ALEXANDER for leading this project, which portends a rebirth of John Taylor’s longtime leadership. Happy Valentine’s Day, indeed! Read about Jim’s plans in the post below…
February 2019: FOREST HEALTH – combating invasive plants – is the subject of FENW’s eNewsletter for February 2018. “The Good, The Bad, and The Pretty Ugly” by Jim Alexander describes FENW’s renaissance (led by Jim) in the never-ending Weed War. Jim is especially interested in building a small crew of hikers who will report (via GPS) the locations of weed infestations, which the Forest Service personnel will then treat. Contact Jim if you can help.
January 2019: Lower Blue Residents United

John Fielder, Dean of Colorado photographers and champion of Wilderness, and Harris Sherman, former head of the Colorado Division of Natural Resources, have teamed up to fight OPEN PIT MINING in the beautiful, unspoiled Lower Blue River. Read the background and details  HERE.
John and Harris are assembling a crew of experts on WILDLIFE, WATER, PROPERTY VALUES, TRANSPORTATION, OPEN SPACE, and more. Colorado Open Lands, our state's largest land trust, has agreed to help.

They are only $10,000 short of our goal to raise the funds necessary to present their case to the Lower Blue Planning Commission. Send your check to:
Lower Blue Residents United, c/o John Fielder, POB 26890, Silverthorne CO 80497
January 2019: Thoughts from FENW’s New President Bill Betz Read his comments in the January 2019 eNewsletter. He ends with this: “Our work has never been more important. The Forest Service, that wonderful agency with an awesomely broad charge, a ginormous amount of acreage to look after, and a pitifully scanty federal budget (and none as I write: our FS advisors Cindy Ebbert (Dillon RD) and Mike Beach (Eagle/Holy Cross RD) are furloughed, due to the government shutdown) needs us more than ever.”