2016 National Trails Day
National Trails Day: 3 organizations - FDRD, FENW and FAT Tire society - working together. Plus the Town of Silverthorne and the Buffalo Mountain Metro District provided signs. They rent out lots of condos up in Wilderness and they said people were always getting lost on the many side trails.

We were on the Salt Lick trail doing many projects, the pictures are of buck and rail fences built to delineate the boundary from National Forest to Eagles Nest Wilderness. We put the fences so it would be hard to ride a mountain bike straight through, they are offset, plus we put in carsonite signs showing the uses in the Wilderness. They are the brown skinny signs. There were also many mountain bike trails that we worked on as well. The people in the pictures are Vilas - they came up from Denver as a meetup group, and they have a sub group call Trails and Ale. Also shown in some images are John Taylor and Kate our Wilderness Ranger. Cyndi Koop is wearing the black shirt.

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