Log Book Excerpts
transcribed by Maria DiBiase Eisemann
Aug. 17, 1975
3 of us from Denver camped down by the creek last night after climbing Mt. Keller. We forgot to carry down a pancake turner from the cabin and had to flip our own with only modest success. Mosquitoes are murder since we’ve been here. We came part-way down the couloir off to the West but didn’t feel capable of glissading over the over the steep snow fields. We saw a golden eagle fly off below us from the cliff face and sail effortlessly down toward your cabin. Thanks for the hospitality.
Bill Betz / Bill Nelson / Rob Nickerson

August 11-79
When we found the [cabin], Nat was 8, now he’s 24. That’s passage through several ages of man- boy, growth, young man. And I, well like many others, I hope that time stands still because I’ve sort of topped out on the ages-
As I get to know this valley more intimately, my wish to know the original settlers grows more. Today Nat and I found a high lacing buckled woman’s shoe in the upper valley by a decayed cabin. Did she winter here - or just her shoe?

My second spring break at the [Cabin] and it was wonderful. We brought up a stove because we heard that one had been stolen. That’s a shame - What kind of person could steal something so vital from a place like this!? John & I also brought two friends from Maine out here to enjoy the Colorado Rockies - and after a few days of altitude sickness I think they really had fun! There is A LOT of snow up here this year. All the major avalanche chutes had run before we got up here, the hill in front of the cabin SLID almost to the cabin, the chute you have to cross to get here also SLID and took out many trees. Thank the almighty snow god none of us had any problems and we are all healthy, sunburnt, and full of good spirits on our way back to Fort Collins. Thank you [name] for your tradition and your good will in leaving your cabin open to folks like us who want to enjoy the simplicity of life. We hope you enjoy the stove.
Maria DiBiase
P.S. Thank you John, my luv, for showing me this place & sharing it with me

Thanks Again, another good time. Skiing was amazing. We’ve named some runs around the mountains: The River Run, The Chute, The Cereal Bowl, The Glade, Cabin Chute, there are still so many more to name. Next Year!
John Eisemann
That stove was a drag to pull up here I hope it stays here for a long time

Another Good time at the [cabin] - new roof on so side!
Bo Gates

New roof, new friends, new meaning for living.
Pete Wolf

My first visit in 3 years and now new roof & friends

First time I’ve ever been up to the [cabin] in the summer. Came up with the roofing crew and helped give the [cabin] a new face lift. Had the PRIVILEGE of meeting Tom and having a warm, drunken, high life evening listening to the history of the place - This place is sacred
Love Life-
Maria DiBiase

Still one of the Fifty Club. Definitely “the best” trip to the [cabin].
John Eisemann

Fifty logs and damn tired!
Joe Kuenn

-Yea ha!! We did it! The [cabin] should survive this winter and many more. Thanks Tom for the inspirations and good friendship.
Dave Swartz

Ed Uhl & Raydo

New Life for The [cabin]. Thanks To All The Wonderful People Above!!

3:10pm Call’s coming in + going out, printer smoking, Excedrin headache #352!
3:15 80? in my home office; rush hour noise starting -95? outside (Denver)
3:17 Called Coopers - left message on the machine.
3:30 Jumped in Auto w/ Raydo + cooler
5:00 @Trail head
6:00 Cabin – Sun out + beautiful
Alleliaheauhu (spelling)
Ed Uhl + Raydo
PS (looks like the animals like our new log book)

The last time I was here was when I was 2 and my dad carried me on his back. This time I’m 15 and I walked along side my dad. Its neat to be back, this time I’ll remember it. Thanks for keeping it open and fixed up. Its really wonderful.
Jennifer Betz

July 17, 2007
It was very fun at Orphin Boy I liked pulling the trees off the roof! I also like making the camp fires. I wish I cood have stade longer.
Leif Eisemann

July 18th 2007-
Well the OB claimed some of my sweat this trip – John E. & I put in 2 long days replacing 4 timbers on the roof and shoring up the back wall – We are optimistic it will make it through a few more winters. A labor of Love – Just have to look around and its all the pay you need. A well manned trip for 3 or 4 days could make substantial improvement – maybe next year.
Chalmers Turner

July 18, 07
What a trip. We packed up all kinds of things to breath new life into the [cabin]. Heavy packs + good friends to grumble with John Delaney (and Bryce) + Henry Sauer were greeted with a stomach dropping sight. The cabin was a mess. I thought that was the end of the [cabin] as I remembered it. But, with help from John D. Bryce D., Henry S., Leif Eisemann we left it in pretty good shape. 3 days of back breaking work. Shoveled a lot of dirt! Put new plastic on 2/3 of roof replaced 4 roof logs. Braced the hell out of the back wall, dug drainage in back of cabin, cut lots of down fall cleared fire pit of fallen trees, & general cleaned up the place. Good work Good friends I love this place. It was a treat to be able to spend 3 nights.
The next repair on the cabin has to be Major! Six longs make anew wall in the back and 2 new ridge poles! It will be a grunt!

BNK – who are you? We could use some help! Give me a call (970)416-8631. You obviously love this place as much as we do! (leave your phone #)
John Eisemann