New Volunteer Ranger Training Day
One of the greatest training sessions ever- with a student-to-faculty ratio of about one-to-one, we newbies were instructed in how to represent the US Forest Service in meeting the public on Wilderness hiking trails. The main thrust is to encourage Leave No Trace principles, in order to help reduce the risk of Eagles Nest Wilderness's being "loved to death."

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Student Melissa with master teacher Cyndi Koop
Sam Massman, USFS Ranger (Eagle County side of Eagles Nest Wilderness)
Beautiful quilt on display at the Minturn Ranger Station
The class gets started
After class and after lunch, we hit the trail. This group started at the Gore Creek Trailhead, led by Cindy Ebbert (right), the USFS Ranger (Summit County side of Eagles Nest Wilderness)
6. Ken Harper logs hundreds of hours each year as a Volunteer Ranger


9. Along came the folks from Paragon Guides, with six llamas out on a shakedown trek

10. Guy, Cindy, Ken, Peggy, and Mike

11. Dream come true