Trail Crew at Lost Lake
In keeping with Leave No Trace wilderness principles, the FENW Trace Erasers spent the weekend deep in Eagles Nest, at Lost Lake. They obliterated seven illegal campfilre rings and worked on the trail below the lake

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1. Linda, Steve, and leader Bill hit the trail near Copper Mountain resort


3. Lost Lake


5. dusk

6. As beautiful a location as Lost Lake is, these were the blights that we were after

7. This was the worst - a huge fire ring, fire wood, hard by the lake

8. Bill, Linda, Bob, and Steve, ready to tackle the job

9. Done!

10. Bob begins on another fire ring by scattering the rocks

11. nearly done...

12. Bob and Bill B - Ashes are shoveled into a bag and dispersed

13. finished product

14. Another, almost done

15. Steve and Linda finish another

16. Bill B and Steve at yet another

17. Done

18. After seven fire rings were removed, we moved on down the trail

19. Extensive work in many places - all with the idea of getting water off the trail




23. Lo! Here comes a USFS pack train of a dozen mules and 3 horses

24. They are on the return trip from a bog up the trail...

25. ...where they plan to build a bridge

26. Lumber for the bridge, hauled by pack trains