FENW trail master Bill Reed led a group of ten volunteers to Boulder Lake,where they obliterated 15 illegal campfire circles and performed extensive work on the trail leading up to the lake
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1. The weather was perfect

2. The crew gathered at the USFS office in Silverthorne (l to r: Cyndi, Mike, Scott, Guy, Steve, Bill)

3. Bill Reed outlines the plans



6. We carpooled up to Bill Funk's property on Boulder Creek

7. heading for the lake

8. This is an example of one of the 15 illegal campfire circles that we obliterated...



11. Cyndi creates duff from a rotted log

12. final cosmetic work on the site

13. Guy discovered another ...

14. ... he and Steve dealt with it

15. Here is a former illegal campfire circle that was rehabbed with plants, including a few pine trees

16. Warren (l) and Scott (r), both volunteers from The Wilderness Society, after doing some heavy lifting

18. Scott (second from left) encountered some good friends who were out backpacking

19. Inspecting some of the trail work. This beauty is a "rolling dip," the pride of Bill Reed (right), who writes, "That particular structure will hereafter be known as "Warren's Dip" owing to the massive stones that Warren contributed to its construction. "

20. Nice work! This should keep water from running down the trail

21. This, too

22. Great work, folks!

23. The Gore Range Trail below Boulder Lake