Thanks to our Volunteer Wilderness Rangers
FENW threw a dinner party to say THANK YOU to all of our Volunteer Rangers. The venue was the beautiful Shrine Mountain Inn (Jay's Cabin), part of the the Tenth Mountain Division Hut Association. We celebrated nearly 200 Ranger patrol days, encountering more than 10,000 Wilderness hikers.

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1. Shrine Mountain Inn includes three cabins, part of the popular hut system

2. This is Jay's Cabin, named in honor of Jay Utter


4. Sam and Julie with their new baby, Sylvie (3 months old)

5. Ken and Pam, with Sylvie. Ken is Volunteer Ranger Coordinator for Eagle County

6. Sharon and Becky


8. Cyndi and Bill

9. Bill, Steve, Becky

10. Jim and Sam

11. Becky and Sharon


13. Don, Linda, Jerry, Cyndi

14. Cindy and Cyndi

15. Frank, Bill, Mike

16. Leslie and Rich

17. Lisa and Lee

18. Priscilla and Mike

19. Jonathan's hat

20. Ken and Jonathan

21. Kate

22. Priscilla, Katherine, and Jen

23. Jason and Mike

24. Julie (with Sylvie), Mike, Lisa

25. What do you mean you are not coming back next year?!