Ute Pass on Pebble Creek
The Ute Pass celebration of Bayard Taylor's first description of the view of Eagles Nest Wilderness 150 years ago (details here) was rained out, but we gathered up those who braved the rain up on the pass, and brought them to a cabin on Pebble Creek, where an alternative celebration arose spontaneously.

We celebrated the view from Ute Pass (now on this gray day only a photo - taken last week - taped to the hearth behind the speakers), and the Wilderness that it reveals, as expressed by poet Erin Robertson, and also the return of a Ute Native American, Manuel Heart, to his ancestral home. We hope that the he and his wife will consider this cabin their home for future visits.

More information in the July newsletter
48 images - Thanks to Matt Hoke for photography
Our two guests of honor: poet Erin Robertson and Manuel Heart, Chairman of the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe

24. The Program was ready to begin

26. Sam Kirk welcoming the 40 attendees

27. note panoramic background view

28. Bill gave a brief summary of Bayard Taylor's trip


30. Sam introducing Chairman Heart

32. Manuel Heart spoke movingly of the Ute people, reminding us of their enlightened past lives - lives lived in this area, of their tragic history of "removal" 150 years ago, and of their exemplary and enduring efforts to adjust to life in an Anglo society while simultaneously preserving their ancient native traditions and practices.




40. Erin Robertson reading her splendid poem, "A View From Ute Pass," especially commissioned for today. Click here to read Erin's poem.




47. Our special guests. Erin holds a gift - a ceramic canteen - from Manuel and Marie

48. Hearts (left) and Robertsons

46. Bill & Joan with Marie and Manuel. Joan is holding a beautiful gift - a Ute ceramic vessel - from the Hearts

16. Marie Heart


21. Manuel's love of children was evident

22. Linda & The Honorable Manuel Heart

1. Here are some of the guests who braved the inclement weather