Upper Cataract Lake Pack-In
Bill Reed's intrepid crew of nine obliterated thirty-one illegal campfire rings at Upper Cataract Lake

58 images
1. On the trail at 9AM - Surprise Lake trail head


3. Surprise Lake - about half-way to Upper Cataract Lake

4. Lunch at Surprise Lake


6. Busted! Bob fetches this young man's dog leash from his pack.


8. Cyndi rounds the bend above Cat Lake (near our destination), with Elliott Ridge on the horizon

9. With multiple signs like these, you would think that we would have nothing to do.

10. Our campsite near the outlet of Upper Cataract Lake

11. Nature's beer and wine cooler. The horses that pack in our tools also bring these items, as well as some of our personal gear.


14. Bill Reed & Bob

16. Tom

18. Cyndi

21. Bill & John

23. Pat, Steve

25. Marilyn


30. Saturday morning - we split into two teams, each taking a different side of the lake

30a. Setting out... (14 seconds)

31. Our quarry

32. This series will show you the process: Here, we sift through the ashes for glass, tinfoil, bones, jewels...

33. ...then the ash is shoveled into a bag and dispersed in the woods...

34. ... stones are also dispersed...

35. ... logs, too...

36. ...duff is gathered, and sometimes, green plants as well...


37a. At work, lakeside. (19 seconds)

38. Here are some BEFORE - AFTER pictures

39. this was rehabbed with green plants, then doused with water, carried from the lake in our hard hats

40. Ready, set, go!

41. Nice.

42. this group is rockin'

43. Parry primrose

44. Two C.U. engineering grad students happened by, and Cyndi gave them a lesson in campsite engineering

45. the finished product

46. Ben and Rachel, C.U. grad engineers

47. On to the next one...

48. nice duff

49. Marilyn stands in front of another completed project

50. Bad

51. Marilyn and Cyndi are joined by a camper-helper Kerra (middle) for the AFTER picture





56. back to camp. Final count: 31

57. What's next?

58. Sunday morning, ready to head out. Next: Slate Creek in three weeks.

59. These last pictures - "Lake Reflections" - are from John Taylor, and remind us why we do what we do...