FENW at the REI grand opening
The REI Dillon opening was a big deal - nearly 2000 fans - including FENW - showed up over the three day celebration. Our booth was busy with interested lovers of wilderness. The "soft opening" the evening of May 4 for invited guests (pictures 1-22) was followed by three mornings outside (pictures 22-33).

1. How appropriate that Friends of Eagles Nest Wilderness should team up with REI - the southern part of ENW is on the horizon

2. Buffalo Mountain was covered in shimmering, icy-crusted snow


4. Staff room last minute intel

5. Bill B. and REI's Bryan Johnson (he calls the shots on the floor, amd was one busy guy)

6. Pam, Ken, and Robert, ready to meet and greet


8. Frank (in hard hat with USFS logo) and Mary

9. Aaron Mayville (US Forest Service Eagle-Holy Cross District Ranger), left, asked by Frank if it was OK to wear his hard hat (with USFS logo), ordered him to keep it on all weekend...


11. With two National Forest Foundation reps, who asked about John Taylor, whose weed-combatting work they funded for many years

12. Robert was a superb recruiter for FENW

13. Marilyn (right) needed no recruiting

14. Kelly, VOC rep

15. Mike and Emily, FDRD reps

16. Blue (that's his name) was making a photo-montage of all guests on the spot with his nifty Polaroid camera


18. The food caterers

19. Bison

20. Salmon



23. FRIDAY MORNING bright and early, we set up our booth. How fitting that the Friends of Eagles Nest Wilderness should have a booth that looked right out at the southern half of Eagles Nest.

24. Robert, ready to go

25. We were one of about 15 interesting booths.

26. The popular tryptich, by John Taylor, showed FENW at work on trails.

27. Some visitors were not familiar with Eagles Nest, and we simply told them to take a step back and check it out!



30. Of course, the big attraction was the REI grand opening, and more than 600 people were ready to shop.

31. Free delicious breakfast tacos dished up by El Toro the Tot