Led by Bill Reed, FENW volunteers and USFS WIlderness Rangers tackled the blowdown on Lilyy Pad and Meadow Creek Trails, at the south end of Eagles Nest Wilderness

28 images
1. Buffalo Mountain looms over the US Forest Service office in Silverthorne, where we met

2. FENW Volunteers chart their course


5. USFS Rangers Karrie (left) and Anne (3rd from left), and ASC Interns Catherine (2nd from left) and Nikki (right)

6. gear in the FS truck


7a. Trailhead scene by Joel Bitler

7b. Trailhead scene by Joel Bitler

8. Karrie leads an impromptu safety clinic

9. Nikki & Catherine

11. Jeff and Bill dug this hole... for the trail sign

13. Karrie and Jeff

14. Jeff and Bill

16. More than one hundred hikers hit the trail on this beautiful day

17. Faces of some hikers...

18. ... one kind of pack train...

19. ... and another.

20. Lunch break

22. Intel conference - the fallen trees were like pickup sticks.

23. Karrie limbs a tree

23a. VIDEO (39 seconds) Karrie & Jeff start a cross-cut. Listen to the song... so much preferable to a chain saw.

24. Karrie & Jeff cross-cutting

25. Karrie: "Slow down, Bill, the blade is melting!"

26. Jeff & Karrie

28. Trail's End: Jeff, Anne, Bill, Frank