Indigenous Peoples Day celebration
Summit County Commissioner Karn Stiegelmeier presided at a celebration of the original natives of Summit County - the Ute Indians. Attendees perused tables of native crafts and local organizations before and after presentations by guest speakers, culminating in Karn's reading the Resolution to Rename the Gore Range.
VIDEOS of the all presentations are in six parts:
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1. Jeremy Deem, Karn Stiegelmeier, Priscillena Rabbit, Ernest House, Betty Howe, Dan Gibbs (Summit County Commissioner),

2. Nearly fifty people attended

3. Professional videographer Brad Williamson donated his time to create a video.

4. Karn Stiegelmeier introduced the speakers

5. Left: Currie Craven, president of Friends of Eagles Nest Wilderness; Right: Erin Robertson, poet

Erin Robertson reads her poem, "A Light Returns to the Shining Mountains" (video 3:20). Read the poem HERE (the footnotes are interesting).

6. Left: Consuelo Redhorse; Right: Jeremy Deem, Associate Professor of History, Colorado Mountain College

8. Betty Howe (Elder Representative) and Prisllena Rabbit (Council Representative), Ute Mountain Ute Tribe

10. _Nancy Hallet and Angie Janzen played "Amazing Grace"

11. Ernest House, Colorado Director of Indian Affairs

12. The Summit County Commissioners, led by Karn Stiegelmeier, are resolved to help reverse this by renaming the Gore Range, perhaps to The Shining Mountains

Karn Stiegelmeier reads the Resolution to Rename the Gore Range (video 3:40). Read the Resolution HERE.

Here are some of the displays that attendees visited before and after the presentations:
13. Consuelo Redhorse

14. Cheri Breeman

15. Poet Erin Robertson meets Pete Organsky

16. Erin Robertson, Joan Betz, and Bill Betz