DIY Network screening of The Cabin on Bighorn Creek
The cabin on Bighorn Creek, in the Walker family for seven generations, was rotting towards oblivion, when patriarch Byron, his sons Andy and Victor, spouses, grandkids, and friends pitched in to rebuild completely the cabin, using original tools. The DIY Network sent a team comprising more than twenty professionals to record the rebuilding in the summer of 2017. On January 16, 2018, they held a screening at the Rock Rest Lodge in Golden
You can read about the project in the November 2017 FENW newsletter.

18 images
1. A few images from the work in 2017

3. the finished product

4. Jan 16, 2018: Several dozen family members and other volunteers gathered to watch the one-hour program on the DIY Network

4a. A few snippets from the show...

5. Byron Walker (center) flanked by his sons Andy (left) and Victor (right)

6. The show's producer, Michelle McDonald of Dorsey Pictures

7. Andy and his wife Renee

8. Andy's son Josh

9. Judi and Merv Chapman and son Riley, friend of Josh Walker

10. Andy's son Alex (center) and two classmates from CU

11. Josh, Andy, Renee, Kirby, and Alex on site



14. Diane & Rick Garcia

15. Doug Hovland, Eric and Alison Mason, Mike, and Renee's mother Mary Azerbegi

16. John Rogers who helped with the build

17. Andy and Josh

18. Josh