6 May 2019
Good evening Berlaimont activists,

It's been 7 weeks since you attended the Buck Berlaimont Rally for Wildlife in Edwards. I wanted to take a moment to remind you that there is still time to influence the Forest Service's decision, which we expect early this summer.

While the Forest Service’s formal comment period on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement is closed, public engagement still makes a tremendous difference. The Forest Service has broad discretion to approve/deny a 26-foot-wide paved road across your public lands. The project proponents would cover the $15.7 million price tag for this new paved road, but we’d all pay a great cost in the loss of critical wildlife habitat. Your continued participation and advocacy on this issue is the best way you can help influence the outcome.

There are a number of actions you can take NOW and in the coming weeks to help Buck Berlaimont:

- Sign the citizens’ petition opposed to Berlaimont, and ask your friends to do the same.
- Contact the Eagle County Commissioners and ask them to oppose the project and stand up for sensitive wildlife habitat: 970-328-8605 | eagleadmin@eaglecounty.us. Talking points can be found here.
- Contact the Forest Service and ask them to prioritize wildlife over speculative development: Aaron Mayville, District Ranger | awmayville@fs.fed.us | 970-827-5150 Talking points can be found here.
- Write a letter to the editor: submit to letters@vaildaily.com | 500-word limit
- Help educate, inform and organize your friends via Facebook, Twitter and other social media. We’re still looking for a community member to coordinate a FB page or web page dedicated to the issue! If
interested, please contact Alicia Zeringue, (970) 963-3977, alicia@wildernessworkshop.org.
- Help with more involved volunteer efforts. If interested, contact Alicia Zeringue or Susie Kincade, (Alicia: (970) 963-3977, alicia@wildernessworkshop.org | Susie, (970) 328-5472, susie@ebcmarketing.com)
- VERY IMPORTANTLY – if you submitted comments during the formal comment period on the draft EIS, you have a right to participate in the objection period. Please stay tuned to learn about how and when to engage in that process.

For more information, visit: HERE

A couple of inspiring updates since we last saw you:
- Our state legislators, Kerry Donovan and Dylan Roberts submitted a letter to the Forest Service calling the proposal “unreasonable on many levels”, indicating that “adequate access already exists”,
underscoring the “real and widespread concerns of the people”, and emphasizing that the “desires of a single developer should not outweigh the voice of a community”.
- Several of your friends and colleagues have met individually and in groups with the Forest Service and continue to keep the pressure on public land managers to do the right thing.
- Letters to the editor regarding Berlaimont are being published WEEKLY, keeping public discourse on the issue front-and-center.

Remember, keeping the pressure consistent, relentless, and unified is key. Please don’t let up until the Forest Service makes the right decision.



A.S. Zeringue [Zer – ang]
Community Organizer
Wilderness Workshop
PO Box 1442 Carbondale, CO 81623
970.963.3977 (office)
307.259.4836 (cell)