There are multiple ways to donate to FENW. A direct, online donation is quick and easy and helps us carry out our regular projects to help the US Forest Service protect Wilderness. Consider also a bequest: your gift will be invested in the FENW Endowment Fund, and its returns will provide long term support to FENW.

We are delighted to introduce the FENW ENDOWMENT FUND. Now, in addition to the usual routes for giving, you can make a bequest – a donation that will be invested through The Summit Foundation, and will provide support in perpetuity for FENW Wilderness projects. To learn more about bequest guidelines and rules, contact FENW Treasurer Ken Harper.

Why contribute to Friends of the Eagles Nest Wilderness?
You will receive periodic newsletters and be invited to our annual meeting and party.
Your contributions help us:
match funds with foundations, organizations, and businesses to obtain grants
maintain the trails in three Wildernesses
provide various types of visitor education
produce the newsletter and other forms of communication about FENW

Donations to FENW are tax deductible to the full extent allowable by law. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.
Contributing to Friends of Eagles Nest Wilderness is easy. Use the on-line form to the right, or click here to download a printer-friendly form.

Recommended levels of support: Buffalo Mountain ($20/year); Piney Lake ($40/year); Cataract Lake ($60/year); Gore Range Trail ($80/year); Eagles Nest ($100/year); Booth Creek ($250/year)
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