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FENW and the USFS request a commitment of at least four patrols (each lasting ~4 hours) between mid-May and mid-October that you will be available as a Wilderness Volunteer. A one day training program in early June is required for new volunteers.

Name:    Gender:
Mailing address - include street & number, city, state, zip:

Emergency contact (name & phone):
RATE YOUR EXPERIENCE and/or knowledge level 0-3
[0=none; 1=some, need coaching; 2=can do; 3=high degree experience and knowledge]

  • Hiking - day trips:    Hiking - backpacking:    Hiking - off trail:
  • Basic first aid:    First Responder    EMT    CPR
  • Leave no trace principles:    GPS use    Map and compass skills
  • Natural history knowledge (flora/fauna):    Noxious weed identification
    Trail Maintenance
  • I have a cellphone that can be used for emergencies (y/n)
  • I have a GPS that can be used for for inventories (y/n)
    Please tell us why you would like to volunteer and what skills you bring as a volunteer. Are there particular trailheads or trails where you would like to focus your efforts? How did you hear about us?